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Eastern Grey Limited is a collective of Artisans based in the foothills of the Appalachias. We strive to keep olde world craftsmanship alive while simultaniously incorporating new technologies and techniques. Every item we offer has been crafted in our respected studios, ensuring each piece is unique and embodies the artists true style combined with the beauty embued by nature.

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Holiday Favorites

Holiday Favorites!

A collection of items designed to bring joy to you and your... 

Why Eastern Grey? Well it's an ode to squirrels of course!

Squirrels are fluffy, adorable, and oh so devilishly smart. But if you look around you might just find the handiwork of squirrels in virtually everything you encounter! You see squirrels are the great planters of our forests, moving and burying nuts throughout the centuries. Without these little industrious fur balls our great hardwood forest might not have sprawled across continents. Therefore we pay homage to our little friends, for without their help we couldnt create these wonderful items!

To further honor our forests, we only use legally harvested lumber to promote sustainable forest conservation. Where possible we scour the forest for deadfall and dying trees to repurpose instead of cutting down a thriving old growth tree. Recently we've begun donating our sawdust and shavings for soil enrichment and animal bedding.

So when you meet a squirrel, please remember to give a smile and say thank you. We do everyday!

  • Sonic Wave

    The handcrafted works are truly unique and of great artistic value. I really appreciated the attention to detail and the quality of the artisanal work. In addition, the customer service was excellent and the shipping was fast and reliable. I highly recommend this website to anyone looking for unique and high-quality wooden works. Thank you for the positive purchasing experience!

    -Andrea P.

  • Logo

    We asked for an artists interpretation of our companies logo and couldn't be happier with the results! Communication was flawless and the commitment to preserving the vision of the brand was so greatly appreciated.

    -Lunar DAO Foundation

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Numbered and Commissioned Pieces

Large Format Carved Wood Wall Art

Solid large format wood carvings. Each piece is inherently unique thanks to... 

  • Hand Crafted

    Every piece is one of a kind. Handcrafted in each artists respective studio.

  • Local Sourcing

    Top priority to using local sourced raw materials for the basis of our products.

  • Personalized

    Customized pieces, including design collaboration with your selected artisan.

  • Artisan Owned

    Owned and operated by the very craftspeople whos work is offered here.