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Black Walnut and Bloodwood Hardwood Valet Tray

Black Walnut and Bloodwood Hardwood Valet Tray

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Elegant in its simplicity and clean lines, this piece is at home in any decor.

This solid hardwood valet tray is crafted from Black Walnut with a stunning ribbon of Bloodwood running through the center. Each of these trays is crafted from "drops" (the pieces left over from milling other projects) to further our goal of using everything the tree has to offer.  Hand sorted and meticulously glued together by hand in an edgegrain configuration allows this tray to resist warping over time as well as highlighting the tight flowing grain of the walnut. All natural beeswax and carnauba hand rubbed into the wood add the finishing touches. Yielding a piece that is so smooth to the touch you might just leave it empty!

A perfect piece to serve as a catch all for your nightstand or centerstage on the coffee table.

Includes non marking silicon feet to keep the tray in place while protecting the furniture below.

External measurements are 11" long x 4.75" wide x 1.125" deep

Internal tray measures 10.25" long x 4.25" wide x 1" deep

Please have a look at our Squirrel Armour wood treatment to keep which will keep the finish glowing for years to come! 



Black Walnut, Bloodwood


11" long x 4.75" wide x 1.125" deep

Care information

Wipe clean with soft cloth. Never place in dishwasher or submerge in water. Dry immediately.
Maintain sheen with wood wax.

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