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Eastern Grey Limited

Rabbit In The Moon Live Edge Carving

Rabbit In The Moon Live Edge Carving

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We were extremely lucky to find this downed tree! Box Elder with the beautiful red staining running through the center. Nature itself creates this pattern, and we choose this piece since it reminded us of a spring flower.

The carving itself is of a cute rabbit snuggled up on a crescent moon with stars dotting the field around them. This piece is live edge, with the bark still firmly attached. The entire piece is coated in satin conversion varnish to preserve not only the bark, but to help keep the red hues from fading.

All the natural cracks and pithing of the natural wood has been stabilized with epoxy. The back is fitted with a sawtooth hanger for ease of hanging on your wall.

Please note: The red can fade over time with exposure to sunlight (uv). Please keep this piece out of uv light to help slow down this process.


Box Elder


Dimensions: 15" tall x 12" (widest point) x 2" at thickest 1" at thinnest

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