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Squirrel Mandala Solid Maple Cutting Serving Board

Squirrel Mandala Solid Maple Cutting Serving Board

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Squirrels bring us zen moments every day, so why not in the kitchen too!

Crafted from laminated strips of hard maple, then carved with a delightful squirrel shaped mandala. The carved portion is filled with a mica enhanced food safe resin that is buffed to a gleaming luster. The board is fitting with non skid / non marking feet to keep it firmly in place when in use.

We have a few colors to offer that are our favorites, but if you have a color in mind please let us know.

Each piece will be unique due to the figure of the wood and resin application.

All of these boards are made from extra pieces of maple from our larger projects. Each piece is milled and painstakingly fitted and glued together with food safe adhesive.

Just one more way we strive to keep less from going into a landfill, while sending more happiness back out into the world.

To maintain the wonderful coloring and protect your board, our Squirrel Armour wood care is highly recommended.

Dimensions- 15" x 12" Nominal thickness 5/8"-3/4" depending on piece. Please contact us if you need the exact nominal thickness for the color of your choice.


Hard Maple


15" x 12" Nominal thickness 5/8"-3/4" varies depending on piece.

Care information

Hand wash only. Never place in dishwasher or submerge in water. Dry immediately.

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