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The Storm Board - Live Edge Sycamore Slab

The Storm Board - Live Edge Sycamore Slab

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At 20" in diameter and 2" thick, this live edge board has plenty of area for your biggest tasks. Crafted from an enormous Sycamore that was brought down in a ferocious wind storm in the mountains of North Georgia, this piece is now ready to tell its story in your home. 

Dried in a solar kiln all the cracks appeared and were filled with azure mica resin.  Then the entire board is finished with multiple coats of high grade mineral oil and beeswax, each layer buffed until a satin smooth surface is achieved.

The initial saw cut was left intact on the bottom and fitted with a brass rod capped with a silicon foot creating a striking profile in any serving setting.

At a whopping 2" thick, this board is heavy weighing in at 12lbs. Non skid feet are secured to the bottom in case you decide to use it as a cutting board.

Dimensions- 20" Diameter 2" thick. 12lbs.

Please only hand wash this item. Never place in dishwasher or submerge in water.

To maintain the wonderful coloring and protect your board, our Squirrel Armour wood care is highly recommended.




20" Diameter 12 lbs

Care information

Hand wash only. Never place in dishwasher or submerge in water. Dry immediately.

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